Closed Corner Frames, The Epitome of Custom Craftsmanship

by | Dec 13, 2020

Closed Corner Frames sample frames gilded and unfinished

Closed corner or finished corner frames are customs crafted from start to finish.  This allows for seamless designs and continuous, uninterrupted patterns and ornamentation at the corners.  A museum standard, and collector preferred, these frames provide the first impression for the quality and care of the artwork it houses.

Ornamental Frames

The frame profiles above are a sampling of the variety of gold leaf and ornamental designs available.  When working with fine art, the frame designer may also reference the work’s time period and original geographic location when designing the ideal frame for the piece.  These frames do not have to be heavily ornamented, as our most popular frames are contemporary flat-faced, painted, or stained profiles.

Flat Stem Profiles

Our minimal flat, stem profiles work well with antique items, as well as contemporary artwork.

How Closed Corner Frames Are Made

The milled wood profile is first cut, and then joined.  Once joined, the frame is then further customized. The wood profile is carved, sanded, and further inscribed.  Ornamentation can also be cast and applied.

Once the desired design is achieved, the frame then undergoes a series of steps for the desired finish.  When we create gilded frames, several layers of gesso are applied to the profile.  Every layer is individually dried and sanded perfectly smooth in order to achieve a flawless glimmer in a gold frame.

The leaf is carefully applied, and if a highly reflective sheen is desired, the gold surface is then burnished with an agate. The gilding can then be protected with a protective clear coat or is aged, or further patinated, depending on the design. Our custom finishes can require anywhere from 3 to 25 layers or treatment campaigns to accomplish the final effect.

With the variety of profiles, carving, gilding, painted, and stained finishes available, the possibilities are infinite.

What is typically considered custom framing today is the practice of cutting mass-produced pre-finished length molding and joining into frames. While pre-finished profiles have their place in the industry, nothing is compared to the quality and presentation that closed corner, finished frames provide.

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